CarbonDryJapan CDJ BigPully Kit SV SuperVeloce Custom Paint National Flag Series China five star red flag

■Compatible models
・Shimano 12s:RD-R9250/R8150
・Shimano 11s:RD-R9100/R9150/R8000/R8050

1.CDJ's original pulleys made of AURUM+CF30 next-generation resin (super engineering plastic) are installed. It is super lightweight, only about half the weight of aluminum, while having high strength comparable to aluminum material. It is superior in sliding resistance and significantly improves quietness.

2.Newly designed narrow wide guide pulley 14T and tension pulley 18T. The originally developed tooth tip shape just fits the holes that make up the chain, and the combination provides even more agile and direct shifting response and reduced resistance. This big pulley has excellent shifting performance, so it can be used with confidence.

3.A new cage design was designed after determining the proper position for the larger tension pulley.

4.Compatible with rear cassette up to 34T. End bolt adjustment balanced with chain length is require

5.Full Ceramic Bearing

*Derailleur is not included.
*Installation requires an increase in the number of chain links.
*Assembling the derailleur requires special skills for removal and adjustment of the derailleur.
*Please note that the warranty may not apply when assembling the product by yourself. 

CarbonDryJapan CDJ BigPully Kit SV SuperVeloce Custom Paint National Flag Series China five star red flag


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Compatible models



Shimano 12s RD-R9250/R8150

Shimano 11s RD-R9100/R9150/R8000/R8050

■Installation example
carbondryjapan bigpully kit sv superveloce red カーボンドライジャパン ビッグプーリーキット スーパーベローチェ レッド

■AURUM+CF30 Pully
carbondryjapan bigpully kit sv aurum cf30 pully カーボンドライジャパン ビッグプーリーキット
Material AURUM+CF30 Aluminium#6063
Specific gravity 1.43 2.7
Weight 15T 5.2g 15T 9.5g
Tensile strength 234MPa 240MPa
Melting point 250℃ 620℃
Sliding friction 0.2 or less high
Resin products, simply put, are plastics, but they are a very wide range of materials that can be selected for a variety of applications, from general-purpose to super engineering plastics (commonly known as super engineering plastics). We have focused on a super engineering plastic material called "AURUM+CF30," which is extremely light, strong, wear resistant, quiet, and has low sliding resistance, and have released our next-generation pulley as a completely original product. The polyimide resin containing 30% carbon fiber is a dark green color with a unique marble color that gives it a unique texture. It is truly the pride of MADE IN JAPAN.


1.Performance for stress-free pedaling and shifting in the front outer and rear low gear area. Where you would normally downshift to the front inner gears, you can stay on the outer gears. Reducing the number of shift changes will also reduce the burden on the rider.

2.Many users have actually reported an increase in average speed of 2 km/h or more on their cycle computers. The reduction of friction loss in the chainline and the reduced number of shifts due to the improved utility of the chainline can be accumulated to give a significant advantage.

3.We take pride in the detailing of the finish, the use of the best materials for each part, and the machining precision with which the parts are formed.